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At Mark’s Mobile Locksmith, we can repair or replace your ignition switch. If the key is broken, we can make you a new key as well.

All it takes is the wrong key in the ignition when you turn it, a key that breaks off, or damage from attempted theft, and you’re stuck and needing ignition repair. At Marks Mobile Locksmith, we can take care of ignition replacement on classic cars and sophisticated late-model automotive ignition services on brands like Honda, Jeep, and more. We’re members of top locksmith associations and highly rated in the tri-county area, on-call and mobile to respond promptly to your automotive locksmith needs. We use high-quality equipment to perform a perfect job on your valued vehicle, and our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Locksmithing is in our heart, we’re passionate about our work and have a lifetime of experience taking good care of customers throughout our service area. We offer flat rates for some services so you can take action and get rolling again easily. Call for emergency locksmith services anywhere in Monterey County, CA.

Why is Expert Ignition Repair in Salinas, CA So Important?

Located in the steering column of most cars, your ignition lock provides protection against theft in a number of ways depending on the age of the vehicle. It checks the key insert for validity, limits steering without it, and prevents starting and operation. If you hire an unskilled locksmith, you could end up with a huge bill and potentially a broken ignition, steering column, or dashboard that will leave you in a worse spot than you were before.

Expert Ignition Repair for Enjoyable Driving

Nothing can put you on edge like an unreliable ignition switch, and of course, a broken one can keep you from starting or driving them. Reasons ignition switches can fail include accidents, theft attempts, wear, a jammed key, and other mechanical problems as well as electrical issues. Our expert car ignition locksmith can repair your ignition switch when it’s jammed or loose, providing an ignition replacement if necessary. In our area, people drive all makes and models of vehicles and enjoy the ride, so we have experience with a wide variety of car, truck, and SUV brands like Honda, Jeep, Toyota, and more! We come to you, so we can minimize the inconvenience and get you on the road with confidence.

Full-Service Car Locksmith to Handle Your Ignition Repairs

Modern vehicles have a lot more involved in ignition services besides the mechanical aspect of the ignition switch repair. It’s essential to make sure that the key is programmed correctly for the car’s computer or ECU, and that key sensors work correctly to communicate with the car and start the engine. That’s why it’s important to have a qualified car ignition locksmith repair your ignition switch and verify full functionality. At Marks Mobile Locksmith, we want you to drive confidently when our automotive locksmith work is done.

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Marks Mobile Locksmith is a locally owned company with licensed and insured automotive locksmiths. Plus we offer commercial, residential, and other specialties. We’re on the road providing you service where you need it, in Salinas, CA, and throughout Monterey County. Our vans are fully stocked with plenty of parts and equipment to serve you, call today!


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