Car Locksmith Services

We’re Your Local Automotive Locksmith Professionals in Salinas, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Mark’s Mobile Locksmith is a professional automotive locksmith that has been serving Salinas and surrounding areas residents for many years. Have you lost your car keys? Did you accidentally lock yourself out of your car? All of our technicians are certified, insured, and licensed and we are members of the ALOA locksmith association, 1800unlocks, the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory, and SAVTA (Safe & Vault Technician Association).

Why Hire Mark’s Mobile Locksmith?

Keys and Cars are Becoming More Sophisticated

In the past, it was possible to get out of a jam by asking a friend with a coat hanger to open your car door in a pinch. However, that often results in more damage to the car. The experienced automotive locksmiths at Mark’s Mobile will either open your car door or pick car locks without damage and at an affordable price.

These days, many cars rely on electronic communications between the car keys and the car ignition, also known as the Engine Control Unit or ECU. Depending on your Year, Make & Model, we can make you a new car key, reprogram a transponder key, cut a laser car key or clone your cars computer chip key. You’ll need the assistance of an experienced auto locksmith technician like the ones we have at Mark’s Mobile.

We Offer a Range of Auto Locksmith Services

Our auto locksmith services don’t end at opening locked car doors. We also provide car key duplication, help with key fobs, and even outright replacement car key assistance in addition to our key cloning and car lock repair services. Salinas residents looking for experienced, professional, and efficient car locksmith technicians can’t go wrong giving Mark’s Mobile a call.


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One of our automotive locksmith technicians picking a lock for a customer in Salinas, CA.

We're passionate about our work and we strive to achieve absolute client satisfaction.