key-golden-new-house Are you looking to buy the right lock for your rental property?

Landlords need to make a lot of practical decisions regarding their rental properties. There are many choices from color schemes and bathroom design to kitchen appliances and maintenance schedules.

But some of these decisions hold more significance than others. As a landlord, you need to ensure that the property remains safe and habitable for your tenants.

Since your renters use door locks every single day and these components provide essential security, choosing the right type of lock for your rental is important. In the following sections, we’ll list top tips for choosing a lock and list the main types of security locks. On top of that, you’ll need a professional Salinas, CA locksmith to help with installation.

What should you consider when buying a lock for your rental?

#1: Rekeying

key-keychain-door-key-house-keys-preview What is your rental investment model? Do you have a high tenant turnover? Thinking about these matters is important because you need to rekey with every tenant turnover.

Some locks are very easy to rekey, allowing you to switch the key without the help of a locksmith. Other locks are difficult to rekey and require the help of a qualified locksmith.

#2: Cost

You should account for your rental property’s budget when deciding on the best lock for your needs. There are locks available in all price ranges, starting from low-range padlocks to high-end smart locks.

Many factors can affect the price of your lock, including functionality and style. Even the brand of your rental lock can make a considerable difference in the final price.

#3: Aesthetics

wall-door-lock-white The style and look of your lock aren’t as important as its capacity to provide safety for your tenants. Still, you should consider the aesthetic side of things as well.

This is because one of your goals is filling your rental units with tenants. In order to reach this objective, it’s important to make your rental property attractive to the greatest extent feasible.

Boosting your rental’s look with a new lock is easy. Try to match the lock with the color scheme and overall style of the rental home. While doing this, keep in mind that aesthetics should always be the last point of consideration when purchasing a lock. Safety and functionality top artistic taste.

#4: Durability

There are three grades of locks. When you want maximum durability, you should get Grade 1 locks. These are the most reliable and secure locks on the market.

Grade 2 and Grade 3 locks work better indoors because they are made of lower-quality materials. Also, the overall security isn’t as high as in Grade 1 locks types.

#5: Function

opened-white-interior-door-new-home Not all locks that you’ll buy for your rental property are going to be used for the front door. Some entryways and passages may not require top security as they aren’t directly facing the public space.

That is why you should always consider the particular functions of the lock that you are planning to purchase. For instance, you won’t require a maximum-security lock for a hallway entrance.

#6: Type

keypad Today you’ll find a lot of different types of locks on the market. Some of these work better for landlords than others. Here are the top contenders for the best rental property lock:

Keypad lock

A keypad lock is a great option because your tenant can’t lose the key. They just have to type in a specific passcode that allows them to enter the premises. Plus, these keypad locks instantly lock the door behind them. There will be no stress about renters forgetting to close the door.

Deadbolt lock

You have to use a key to unlock a single deadbolt. This is a classic option that is definitely cheaper than an electronic keypad lock.

Fingerprint lock

Do you have an upscale rental property? Opting for a fingerprint lock makes sense when you want to elevate your tenant experience and create an ultramodern look.


This is one of the most popular options. Padlocks are generalized locks that can be used for a variety of doors in your home. However, these are ideally not used for the property’s front or back door.

In a Nutshell: Locks for Your Rental Properties

Finding a great lock for your rental property is an important assignment. You need to consider a variety of factors that will ultimately allow you to choose the perfect solution for safety and protection.

Here are the top things to consider:

  • Choose Grade 1 locks in places where you need the most durability and security
  • Assess the pros and cons of different types of locks
  • Check with your rental budget to see what kind of locks realistically fit your budget
  • Consider where and how you will use the particular lock
  • Evaluate the aesthetics as a final step before buying your rental lock